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Love makes a family. See how other couples have made their own commitments and look at the issues that affect queer couples.

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Rainbow Daily News
·Bronski: Shove, the second time around
·Topeka rejects anti-discrimination law
·Gay spiritual activists move to home across street from Falwell
·PA borough bans gay discrimination
·Victory Fund lauds gay, lesbian winners in September primaries
·Narrow victory for gay rights in Miami-Dade
·Boston city councilor asks BU chancellor to reinstate gay group
·South Africa`s gays target marriage
·South African gays can adopt children
·Canadian justice minister wants public hearings on gay marriage
·HRC comments on September 11 anniversary
·Early returns in Miami show voters upheld gay rights amendment
·NGLTF demands investigation of apparent voter fraud in Florida
·Signorile: Vatican stealth mode
·Sept. 11: `A time to mourn, then start to recover`
·Gay partner of 9/11 victim to be at California bill signing
·Taylor: A very good memory
·Rethinking the LAPD: The Rainbow Badge
·Group offers stylebook on gay terminology

Online gay and lesbian matchmaking service with mail, profiles, cruising, data lounge and advice...
See Also: Living, Personal Ads
Alternative Family Magazine
Publication for gay and lesbian parents.
See Also: Friends and Family, Living, Magazines, Parenting
Partners Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples
A national resource for same-sex couples. Supporting the diverse community of committed gay and lesbian partners through a variety of media. Web site contains 120+ pages of essays, surveys, legal information.
See Also: Domestic Partnership, Marriage, USA - Washington
Partners Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples
A national resource supporting the diverse community of committed gay and lesbian partners through a variety of media.
See Also: Domestic Partnership, Marriage
See Also: Community, Internet Chat, Lesbian, Men`s Support Groups, Parenting, Support Groups, Websites, Women`s Issues, Women`s Support Groups
Forum on the Right to Marriage-- Boston
FORM is a national grassroots organization primarily engaged in education and outreach concerning the issue of same-sex marriage.
See Also: Gay Rights, Living, Marriage, Political Organizations
Relationship LLC (tm) Marriage For The New Millennium
Create a legal relationship with your partner(s) of any sexual mix using Limited Liability Company law...
See Also: Domestic Partnership, Gay Men, Lesbian, Marriage
Couples National Network
Social organization for committed gay and lesbian couples...
See Also: Domestic Partnership, National Organizations, Social Groups, Support Groups
The internet`s original gay/lesbian/bi penpall service since 1995...
See Also: Personal Ads
Florida Gulf Coast COUPLES
FGCC exists to provide a social, educational and humanitarian forum for gay and lesbian same-sex couples; to promote the validity of same-gender relationships; and to endorse the gay and lesbian couple as a socially responsible unit. FGCC has no specific...
See Also: Domestic Partnership, Newsletters, Social Groups, USA - Florida

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